Florida Topo Map

Florida Topo Map 1.60

The purpose of this venture is to create a topographic map of Florida
1.60 (See all)

The purpose of this venture is to create a detailed topographic map of the entire state of Florida at 24k detail. This map is created for Garmin GPS receivers and Mapsource.
- Roads - Interstates, highways, arterial roads, residential roads, limited unpaved roads (2009 Tiger Data)
- Railroads
- High resolution water data - lakes, rivers, streams, and washes
- Federal Land Usage - Wilderness area, national parks, and military bases/ranges, native american reservations
- Borders - County and state boundary lines
- Elevation contours - 5ft intervals (equivalent to 24k)
- GNIS Points of Interest - summits, mines, falls, dams, cemeteries, towers, populated places, etc.
- Trails - trail coverage including all National Forests
- Bathymetric data to 300ft depth for the state
- Wetlands in Dry Tortugas National Park
- State Park Trails/campsites
- Florida National Trail and its accompanying trails; version July 2010

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